Strengthening Families

Family Meals

Description: An interdisciplinary program for parents and other family members caring for children. The program focuses on improving family relationships, nutrition and family finances through family meals.

Curriculum/program overview: The Family Meals program strives to improve families’ relationships, nutrition and finances through shared meals and mealtimes. The interdisciplinary program is designed for parents and other family members caring for children. Participants will learn through workshops and group discussions to become more aware of the reasons why family meals are important. Family Meals participants will identify steps they can take to make positive changes in their current family mealtimes, while also increasing the frequency of those shared meals. The Family Meals program addresses the positive outcomes of health, finances and relationships that can occur when families consume meals together.

Contact person: Jo Britt-Rankin

Evaluation tool:

Fee information: No consistent delivery method, therefore, no state recommended fee

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