Strengthening Families

Building Strong Families (BSF)

Description: BSF helps families find their strengths, build on those strengths, and learn skills to improve relationships and increase communication.

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Curriculum/program overview: Building Strong Families: Challenges and Choices is a research-based educational program that helps families identify and build on their strengths, face challenges and make informed choices, improve relationships, and increase positive communication.

The BSF program covers 13 topics including: family strengths, communicating, managing stress, child self-care, food and fitness, kids and self-esteem, balancing responsibilities, working, positive discipline, money matters, setting goals, consumer beware and healthy home. This program makes learning fun with fast-paced interactive sessions that help families learn from each other. BSF trains facilitators to provide relevant, research-based life skills information and activities through workshop series.

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Sample report: BSF Program Impact Template

Fee information: $0 to participant, $10/part to sponsor. This is a public good program for low income audiences. Sponsorship is per person, per session.

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