Strengthening Families

Basic Parenting

Description: Helps parents with children of all ages learn how to better manage personal stress and how to understand, guide, nurture and motivate their children in order to become more effective parents.


Curriculum/program overview: Basic Parenting is a comprehensive approach to parent education that incorporates simplicity and flexibility in its emphasis on learning the basics or fundamentals of parent-child relationships. The program is based on the National Extension Parent Education Model, a collaborative effort by parent educators throughout the country to find common ground on priorities in parent education. This model identified six general categories or pathways for parent education: care for self, understand, nurture, guide, motivate and advocate. Resources in basic parenting are distributed to provide depth in each of these areas.

Basic Parenting was designed for parents who are struggling with child-rearing challenges, though all parents are likely to find its playful approach to learning about children both interesting and useful. Although written at about fifth grade reading level, the material is appropriate for use with college-educated audiences. Complex ideas are reduced to their simplest, most fundamental elements.

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