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The four items we send are:

1. Kid-friendly recipe card

kid-friendly recipe cards

2. Reinforcement of some kind (frisbee, chef's hat, stickers, etc.)

various reinforcement items

3. Activity sheet

Activity sheet, front Activity sheet, back

4. "Did You Know?" card

"Did You Know?" cards



The Friday Backpack Program is a statewide program in which food banks provide children with ready-to-eat food in backpacks on Fridays. University of Missouri Extension supplements this program by providing educational materials to the organizations that assemble the backpacks. Every month we mail four items to these organizations so that one item per week can be added to the backpacks (see sidebar for list of items). This project is funded through USDA's SNAP Ed.

Each region of the state has a slightly different name and way of implementing the program. Therefore, you will have to contact your local food pantry to discuss the process. Other regions may refer to this program as: "Backsnack" "Backpacks for Friday" "Buddy Packs" and "Backpack Buddies"

Quick facts

With our Friday Backpack materials, we currently reach...

  • over 19,100 students
  • 372 different organizations
  • 92 counties out of 114 in Missouri

To be added to mailing list

Contact Sarah March

You will need to provide:

  • Agency name and address (must be located in Missouri)
  • Contact person's name, phone number and email
  • Quantity





Funded in part by USDA SNAP.
Running out of money for food? Contact your local food stamp office or go online to For more information, call MU Extension's Show Me Nutrition line at 1-888-515-0016.


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