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H.O.M.E.: Home Ownership Made Easier
The homebuyer education class explains the home-buying process to prospective homeowners, especially first-time homebuyers. Topics include: financial preparedness, renting versus owning, how much house you can afford, working with professionals to find an ideal house, home maintenance and energy management, buyer assistance programs, mortgages, closing costs and homeowners insurance.

Home Ownership Made Easier
HomeWorks: Maintaining Your Housing Investment
This is a program for first time homebuyers and other homeowners about basic home repairs, maintenance and financial management necessary to successfully maintain a home.
Healthy Indoor Air for America’s Homes
This is a national consumer education program concerned with increasing awareness among consumers and helping in improving the quality of indoor air in homes. This project was developed to provide basic but comprehensive information to consumers on how to get a handle on indoor air quality.
Healthy Indoor Air
Community Revitalization and Sustainability
This is a community participatory process-training program. Extension specialists work with the community to enable residents to take charge and make decisions about their own communities. This in turn leads to enhanced community sustainability and improved environmental stewardship in both residential and commercial sections of the community.
Community Revitalization & Sustainability
Affordable Housing through Community Partnership
Quality affordable housing has been an expressed need in various communities in both rural and urban areas of Missouri. This type of housing development can take place successfully through a participatory planning process in which all the community stake-holders are involved. The goal of this program is to prepare extension specialists to serve as educators and facilitators in this participatory process to enable the community to successfully develop quality affordable housing in their area. This program will cover issues of consensus building, trust generation, forming community coalitions, generating action plans fir affordable housing development. In addition, this program will provide information about various types of affordable housing options available and funding sources for this type of development.
Affordable Housing
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