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Issue 2/28/07

Jo Britt-Rankin, M.S., Ph.D., Associate Dean, University of Missouri Extension

Good morning . . .

Well, it is hard to believe that March is only a day away. Spring will be upon us soon. I know I could use some sunshine and warm weather. I hope this Thoughts to Ponder finds you healthy. We have had a round of flu bug going through Columbia for the past few weeks. It has been pretty rough on some. I have, for the most part, escaped it thankfully.

Today, I wanted to give you a few updates and reminders. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Also if you have any good news to share, we love to hear that as well.

Performance Evaluation Input Needed--DUE MARCH 2

It is hard to believe that performance evaluations are coming around again. This year the campus faculty agreed to seek input from the regional faculty and their peers in other agencies in a different manner. As you know, we have utilized Survey Monkey. You may give input on as many faculty members as you wish. I would encourage you to go in and give us feedback. We cannot strengthen the positives or correct the negatives without feedback from you. I feel the peer input process is vital to a strong performance evaluation process. Please take time to give your thoughts on those you have worked with this past year. It is a rather straightforward process and should not take more than 5-10 minutes to give feedback on a faculty member.

If you have misplaced the email that has the URLs, please contact Sue Andrews in my office.

Named Programs & Reporting

Well, as you all know, we have been working to implement a new reporting system. I will again reiterate that this initial year is a learning opportunity for all of us. On Monday, the RDs and PDs are having their first working retreat of the new year and this topic is high on our agenda. We hope to streamline the system for 2008. We have heard much feedback--both positive and negative--now we need to determine how we can assist specialists in utilizing the system more efficiently. Also how can our system pose less of a time burden on you.

At Annual Conference, we will address the reporting system and Named Programs for 2008. Candy and I along with the campus specialists are reviewing the Named Program list. We will be adding those programs that we feel need to be included or that were inadvertently excluded last year. We will provide you with a short summary of what each program is, how it should be reported (by session or series), and also how to enter programs that are not on the list.

Our goal is to create a system that burdens you less and gives us better impact data. The RDs and PDs will continue to focus on this during the spring. I believe we have created a good system, now we just have to tweak it to best fit our needs. For now, do not panic over the system. I strongly believe that we have to work together in this first year. I believe that we must communicate via multiple methods to ensure we know our program impacts. Continue to utilize the system per your RDs instructions and we will continue to move ahead.

HES Week Luncheon--RSVP DUE MARCH 5

If any of you wish to attend the HES Week Luncheon, March 12, at the Reynold's Alumni Center, HES Extension will pay for your meal ticket. I wish I could afford to pay all of your travel, but I cannot. I hope that some of you may take advantage and come in for Legislative Day events early. We would love to have each of you here.

Legislative Day

Again for the third year, the College of HES and HES Extension will have a combined booth. We will continue to focus, as is the campus, on our impact on economic development. We have printed a new Better Living for Missourians brochure. Please stop by the booth and join us. Also if you need information to share with your legislator, please do not hesitate to ask.

Annual Conference

Let me first thank Vicki Foley and Candy Gabel for working hard to coordinate all of our program efforts. I am sitting on the overall conference committee, however, these two ladies are doing a wonderful job working with the conference office to coordinate the HES program. I think we have a very full 3 day session, but one that will definitely have many things that will positively impact your work. If you have any questions or need special accommodations, please do not hesitate to ask.

Vanguard Magazine

I do not know how many of you receive the College's Vanguard magazine, but it is an annual publication of College events and accomplishments. It is similar to the former Impact publication that Barb Froke used to publish for HES Extension. It has been my desire that HES Extension have a nice professional piece produced annually. Dean Jorgenson and I have met from time to time to discuss possibilities. We have agreed that we will work together to publish the Vanguard and showcase all of the College faculty--research, teaching, and Extension. I think this has great potential. You will each receive the new publication this fall. It is usually published in September. It is a four-color magazine that I hope you will distribute proudly in your local areas.

A Busy Spring

Well, spring is a time of rebirth and growth. I think it is a time of renewed energy. I have tried to continue building an energy for HES Extension programs. It has been a very busy two months, but I believe one that will pay us great dividends. Our programs continue to gain momentum. I feel that we have a good reputation with our state, federal, and private funding agencies. Our programs and faculty are gaining recognition for their work. I see many programs continuing to grow and flourish. This makes me so proud to be in my position. I continue to tell folks that I do have one of the greatest jobs a person could have.

As I did in the fall, I would like to share with you some of the places I have traveled or groups I have met with this past two months and what is on the calendar for March. If you have any questions, please again do not hesitate to ask. I do not have any open regional travel dates scheduled or planned for April and May, but hope to be back on the road as of June. April and May are quite full with Performance Evaluations at other events, so I won't be on the road visiting counties as much.

January 5--Met with Cathy Allen @ Rolla
January 9--PLC
January 17--Met with State Health Specialist Committee
January 18--Health Foundation of Greater KC Grant Meeting
January 18--Evaluation Software meeting
January 19--Campus budget hearing
January 22--HES Extension Campus Faculty meeting
January 25--BoHS/ECOP EFNEP Task Force meeting
January 26--CYFAR/FCRP Administrative meeting
January 29--Meet with Dr. Ouart--HES Extension
January 30--FNEP Coordinator's meeting
January 31--Meet with Dr. Ouart--Revenue Incentive Plan

February 1--Meet with Dean Jorgensen
February 1--Meet with Dave Baker--Healthy Lifestyles Promotion
February 2--Vanguard magazine meeting
February 6--Meet with Laura Schopp--UM System Faculty & Staff Wellness Plan
February 6--Meet with Cynthia Crawford @ Marshall
February 7--HES Founder's Day Celebration
February 12--Meet with Dr. Ouart
February 13--PLC
February 14--Meeting with Development Officers
February 15--Lunch with new FNEP employees
February 16--Guest lecture @ Hickman High School
February 18-20--NASULGC Board on Human Sciences/Council of Administrators for Family & Consumer Sciences Meeting @ DC
February 21-22--Association of State Nutrition Networks Meeting @ Denver
February 26--HHS Grant Meeting

March 1--Meeting with Dean Jorgenson
March 2--Health Foundation of Greater KC Grant Meeting
March 5--RD/PD meeting (via teleconfernce @ DC)
March 5--BoHS/ECOP EFNEP Task Force @ DC
March 6-8--National EFNEP Coordinators Meeting/Hill Visits
March 9--Meeting with Dr. Ouart--CYFAR
March 9--Meeting with Karen Elliott--MEAFCS
March 12--HES Week Luncheon
March 12--SC FNEP Meeting
March 13--PLC Meeting @ Lincoln U
March 13--HES Advisory Board Centra
March 13--Legislative Day Evening Event
March 14--Legislative Day
March 15--SC HES Category Meeting
March 16--Annual Conference Planning Committee
March 19--HES Extension Campus Faculty Meeting
March 20--WC HES Category Meeting
March 21--PD Breakfast Meeting
March 26-30--Spring Break/Annual Leave



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