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Issue 11/13/06

Jo Britt-Rankin, M.S., Ph.D., Associate Dean, University of Missouri Extension

eXtension Update
As many of you know, a national effort is under way to develop the national eXtension website.  There has been a call for faculty to submit FAQs to this system.  When we met in April, I shared with you that we had been in contact with eXtension faculty and had decided to directly download our MissouriFamilies FAQs to this system.  Thus, alleviating you, the individual specialist, from this task.  We did do that direct download, however, our files did not match their database . . . SO I have recently hired a young man to do data entry for us. 
In just a few short hours, he has completed the HDFS-related FAQs and the Housing FAQs.  This does include the areas of aging, relationships, parenting, child care, and developmental disabilities as well as all facets of housing.  He is now preparing to move ahead with the Consumer, Financial Planning, and Textiles questions.  He will complete the project with the Nutrition and Food Safety questions.  We chose this order due to the current Communities of Practice that are available.  He is doing a great job and I am so happy to have all of your work being posted nationally. 
Right now they are being reviewed and edited as COPs are forming.  I will give you a follow-up at our December 5-7 meeting.  I will try to have a web link so we can demonstrate this new site.  By then, I hope we are beginning to see the Nutrition and Food Safety questions being entered.
On the Road Again . . .
I am writing this update from the NASULGC meeting in Houston.  I fly home tomorrow and then head out to visit regional specialists the remainder of the week.  I shared in my last update my recent meeting schedule and shared that I was hoping to send out some early 2007 dates to make more visits.  I am including these below.  I do not have to travel all of these days, but am holding them for possible travel.  Please let me know if you would like me to visit a program or just to come by and visit with you.  I am open for either.  If I don't get invitations, I may just surprise you and pop in!  (No, I would call first!)
January 5
January 8
January 10--Tentative
January 11
January 23
January 25
January 30
February 6
February 8--Visiting Food Power Young Adventure in Warrensburg
February 13
February 15
February 16
February 27
February 28
March 15
March 16
March 19
March 20
April & May--No travel dates, due to other meetings and performance evaluations
June-December will send at a later date
Reporting System
I know we are settling into a new reporting system.  I was recently at a meeting where we discussed many of the questions that have arisen with the new program.  I will be preparing a hand-out on how we wish to have HES programs reported for the coming year.  We know that the system may need tweaking, but we hope to be able to move ahead and make changes following this fiscal year.  My PD colleagues will also be creating a sheet for their named programs as well.  As these are developed I will share them with you.

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