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2000 HEED Fund Grant Success Stories

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In Marion County, a HEED grant provided the funds necessary for the CHART Teen Task force to hold three focus groups with local adolescents about teen pregnancy. Sherry Nelson, Human Environmental Sciences Regional Specialist and recipient of the HEED grant, conducted the focus groups in May 2000. Adolescents in two of the groups were from Hannibal and Palmyra High Schools; the third focus group was comprised of pregnant and/or parenting teens who were working with Parents As Teachers educators. The teens received several incentives for attending the 90-minute focus groups. Teens who participated discussed topics related to teen pregnancy, including sexuality education, access to birth control, relationship issues, and peer pressure. On evaluations of the discussions, most of the teens felt that the focus groups were beneficial. Pictured is Sherry Nelson with Brooke Baumann, Emily Johnson, Rob Galloway, and Tamara Shannon, focus group attendees.

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