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1999 HEED Fund Grant Success Stories


Parent Education Participants

In July 1999, Ripley County was able to provide a class for pregnant and parenting teens, with the help of a HEED Fund grant.  Participants attended four 90-minute sessions at the county health department and learned about a variety of topics, such as feeding babies and toddlers, discipline, and parents as their children's first teachers.  The purpose of the class was to increase the adolescents' basic parenting skills and decrease the risk of child abuse and neglect.  The class also provided participants with information about available resources and the opportunity to meet other teen parents.  As friendships developed, the teens felt more understood and supported.  The class members indicated that the information they learned would definitely be useful to them as parents.  Pictured are Talina and Kevin Tidwell and their infant daughter, Jordan.  Phyllis Flanigan, Regional Human Development Specialist, was responsible for obtaining the HEED Fund grant.  

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