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1998 HEED Fund Grant Success Stories

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Two Linking Community Strengths workshops were held in Warrensburg and North Kansas City with 48 participants. The workshops focused on the Kretzmann and McKnight theory and practice of building communities from the inside out, using the gifts, talents, and skills of all the residents. As a result of these successful workshops, a follow-up event was held that focused on asset capacity mapping. It was conducted in partnership with the Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance. Extension Specialists involved in this HEED Fund grant-supported program included: Saralee Jamieson, Human Environmental Sciences Specialist; Lynette Brubaker, 4-H Youth Specialist; and Charles St. Clair, Community Development Specialist. Other planning committee members included Betty Leise and Joyce Jackson from the Missouri Valley Human Resource Agency. Workshop speaker Carolyn Vellar with Northland Neighbors is pictured presenting information on their neighborhood projects.

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