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1999 HEED Fund Grant Success Stories


Food Safety in the Classroom

The Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP) has been able to develop a wide variety of food safety applications with money obtained from a HEED Fund grant.  Through federal food safety funds, several Fight BAC bacteria puppets had been purchased to help instruct young children about nutrition and food safety issues, such as hand washing.  The HEED funds enabled FNEP to obtain supplemental brochures, stickers, and magnets to distribute to the public.   FNEP has taken its message about food safety to over 10,000 children and adults in many different settings, including school classrooms, classes for pregnant and parenting teens, the Missouri State Fair, and the Ozark Empire Fair.  Jo Britt-Rankin, Administrative Coordinator of FNEP, secured the HEED Fund grant.  Pictured is Rita Wallinga, Nutrition Education Assistant, teaching a class with the aid of a Fight BAC puppet. 

Preventing Domestic Violence    Assisting Teen Parents    Divorcing Parents Support 

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