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past HEED funded projects

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1999 HEED Fund Grant Success Stories

Police Cadet Training
With assistance from a HEED Fund Grant, the Christian County Domestic Violence Task Force has been able to expand their programming efforts.  The purpose of the task force is to prevent domestic violence through community education.  Programming has been four-fold.  First, a four-member panel visited the county's public schools in an effort to educate children about domestic violence and how they can obtain help should they become victims.   Using the RETHINK curriculum, the task force also provided anger management workshops for parents in order to help them learn effective strategies for controlling their emotions and avoiding child abuse.  A third program provided domestic violence training for new police cadets.  Pictured is Renette Wardlow, Regional Human Development Specialist and grant recipient, with Darla Boice, police cadet trainee.   The final program administered by the task force was domestic violence training for child care providers.

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