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1998 HEED Fund Grant Success Stories

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University Outreach and Extension Specialists in the Northwest Region conducted a survey of Livingston County families who have children with developmental disabilities. As a result of the survey, a parents support group (EXPLORE) was formed. Lunch time seminars were held that addressed the concerns of family members. Topics included stress management support systems; wills, trusts and guardianships; and working with the educational system. A day camp (SIBSHOP) was also held for the siblings of children with special needs. The camp provided participants with an opportunity to receive peer support and information to increase their understanding of issues related to developmental disabilities. Susan Mitchell, Human Development Specialist, in coordination with Pete Breting, New Horizons Director, provided leadership for this program that was supported by the HEED Fund. Two participants in the SIBSHOP camp, Tiffany Perry and Josie Denker, are pictured.

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