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2000 HEED Fund Grant Success Stories


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Through a HEED Fund grant, over 100 third graders in St. Clair County were able to participate in CARES (Chemical Abuse Resistance Education Series). CARES, a drug prevention program, promotes physical, mental, and social health and teaches young people how to say no to drugs. Saralee Jamieson, Human Environmental Sciences Regional Specialist and recipient of the HEED grant, taught the CARES curriculum at three different elementary schools. Students participated in the one-hour sessions in their classrooms for four weeks. Substance abuse prevention is an important issue, as drug use is correlated to criminal offenses, school problems, and difficulties at home. The CARES curriculum teaches students drug refusal skills, problem solving techniques, and the harmful effects of drugs through a wide variety of activities, including writing, games, videos, and role playing. Saralee is pictured here with one of the students, Kressie McSperitt.

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