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1998 HEED Fund Grant Success Stories

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A newsletter entitled, Coach’s Clipboard, was developed for volunteer coaches in Lafayette and Henry Counties. Six issues were sent to 175 volunteer coaches of youth sports. Topics included goal setting, stress, healthy snacks, and self-esteem. A workshop entitled, Make Winning More Than The Score, was held in Odessa that focused on achieving a healthy balance between competition and cooperation. Another workshop was held with the theme of Winning Kids Through Sports. The keynote speaker, Dr. Rick McGuire, Track and Field Coach at MU, focused on nurturing kids so they can become successful, effective, fulfilled individuals through sports. Lynda Johnson, Nutrition Specialist, coordinated the HEED Fund grant activities with support from Ben Gallup, Youth Specialist, Susan Mills-Gray, Nutrition Specialist, and Lisa Wallace, Human Development Specialist. Dr. McGuire, keynote speaker, is pictured with Sam Ratcliff and Andrew Schroeder, workshop participants.

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