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2014 Grant Proposal Guidelines

Q: What is the Human Environmental Sciences Extension Development (HEED) Fund?

A: It is a special part of MU HES Extension's Endowment and Gifts Program established to support educational programs in HES Extension.

Q: Why do we need such a fund?

A: To ensure the future of quality educational programs for Missouri families which address critical human needs. Decreasing funds and increasing needs put families at risk. All projects funded by HEED are community-based programs directly benefiting the people of Missouri.

Q: What are some of the Human Environmental Sciences Extension Programs that need support from the HEED fund?

A: Some of the HES Extension projects include:

  • Leadership development
  • Building family strengths
  • Adolescent pregnancy issues
  • Safe and affordable housing
  • Programs for the elderly
  • Parenting
  • Environmental quality
  • Health and wellness
  • Infant and child care
  • Food safety
  • Financial management
  • Poverty programs
  • Retirement planning

Q: Who administers the fund?

A: Proceeds are invested by the University of Missouri Development Fund Office. The HEED Fund Advisory Committee, consisting of volunteers, professionals and business persons, recommends how income from invested money will be used.

Q: What can individuals or groups do?

A: Make a contribution...

  • To honor a friend or family member
  • For a birthday, your own or a friend's
  • For an anniversary
  • For an individual who is retiring
  • As a memorial
  • In a will, cash, stocks, real estate or insurance policy

Q: How will recognition be given to groups or individuals who make contributions?

A: Any group or individual giving $25 or more will receive a certificate. Any group or individual giving $100 or more will have their name listed on a plaque placed in the Human Environmental Sciences Building on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus. Special recognition is given to those who contribute $500 or more.

For additional information, contact:

Jo Britt-Rankin
303 Gwynn Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

or your local county extension office.

Gifts are deductible for federal and state income tax purposes.

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