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Step 3

Educate yourselves and learn from others. Invite guest speakers from inside and outside the community to share their expertise, search the web for information about similar initiatives in other states, and compile examples of policies and environmental change strategies that have been successful in other places.


Organize and participate in educational events to learn from others within and outside of your community. Learn about how others have made changes in policies and the environment.

Document the number and types of educational events organized and attended.


What do we want? How can we make it happen? Planning and Executing a Policy Change Strategy
This presentation offers a very clear explanation of policy and a step-by-step process for developing and implementing policy change.

The Power of Stories: From Personal Narratives to Community Action
Part of preparing to engage key stakeholders and getting the community to support your efforts is knowing how to effectively tell your story. This presentation provides some insight on how to do just that.

Center for Obesity Prevention & Policy Research
This is a searchable database of Missouri health policies that have been written, and in some cases implemented. The database allows for searches according to policy topic, region of the state, county and environment.

ENACT Local Policy Database
This is a searchable database of National policies about nutrition and physical activity. This database allows for searches by topic, environment, certain keywords, state, jurisdiction and year of policy development.

National Association of Counties
This site provides access to a searchable database that can provide demographic information on particular areas with an unpaid subscription. Paying subscribers acquire access to more in-depth searchable database functions.

Mayors’ Guide to Fighting Childhood Obesity
This guide was developed to educate mayors about specific policies they can adopt in their communities to address childhood obesity in underserved populations.

National League of Cities Policy Tool Kit
This PDF was created to help municipal leaders recognize and effectively address childhood obesity issues through policy change

NCSL Healthy Community Design Resources
This portion of the National Conference of State Legislatures site provides the most recent news and policy options for healthy communities.

National Association of State Boards of Education

Examples of Initiatives

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