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Step 1

Enlist and convene leaders and members of the community to begin talking, sharing and building a partnership. Initially, spend time answering the following questions:

Why do we want to create this community-wide health initiative? Who needs to be a part of this? Who will serve as the catalyst and facilitator? What do we want to do? How do we go about doing it?

Later, develop Purpose, Values and Vision statements along with an organizational structure that suits your particular needs.


Form Partnership. Develop Purpose, Values and Vision statements and an appropriate organizational structure.

Document the number of partners, their contact information and affiliation.

If you have an existing partnership, assess partnership members and think about who else should be approached to become partners. If the partnership already has Purpose, Values and Vision statements, revisit those statements as new partners are engaged.


Building Effective Community Partnerships
The use of this toolkit will assist in providing ideas and linkages to other resources as you work to bring together organizations and individuals in your community to develop shared goals and strategies. It offers case study examples and a variety of tools communities may want to use as they consider plans for implementing, monitoring and institutionalizing these strategies based upon the opportunities and needs of the community.

Pages that may be most beneficial to you in Step 1 are:

“Like, Hello! We’re Right Here!” - Parks & Recreation as Partners in Healthy Community Initiatives
This presentation introduces the idea of incorporating representatives from the Department of Parks and Rec into your community initiative and some options for using Parks & Rec to facilitate community change.

Engaging the Community PowerPoint
The content of this presentation may aid in understanding how to engage key community stakeholders, who to engage, and opportunities and strategies for engagement. This presentation was originally presented to the Missouri Foundation for Health in a Peer-to-Peer Exchange meeting.

Creating Healthy Communities
This is a manual that provides unique information on working with rural communities on development efforts and long-term capacity building.

The topics and concepts most beneficial to Step 1 are:

Community Coalition Resources
This link is provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The website provides extremely valuable links for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your community partnerships, identifying assets and resources within your community, and creating an infrastructure and function for your coalition.

The World Cafe
Using seven design principles and a simple method, the World Cafe is a way of thinking and being together for effective conversational leadership. Using this method can help your partnership meetings be even more interactive, engaging and productive than you ever imagined!

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