Chapter topics

Chapter 1: Birth Defects
Definition of birth defects, the genetic and environmental factors of birth defects, periods of development and associated risks, and the impact of birth defects

Chapter 2: Folic Acid
Neural tube defects, fetal development, and overall health

Chapter 3: Alcohol Use During Pregnancy
No amount is safe, the leading cause of preventable intellectual disability, increases risks for multiple problems, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Chapter 4: Tobacco Use During Pregnancy
Risks associated with smoking during pregnancy and post-delivery: pregnancy complications, the impact on the fetus, low birth weight, breastfeeding, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), adverse reproductive effects and childhood health risks

Chapter 5: Family Health History
A graphic record of the family’s health that enables patterns to be easily recognized and serves as a powerful screening tool for health problems that run in families

Chapter 6: Preconception Planning & Fetal Health
Healthy pregnancy — nutritional requirements, activities and behaviors, genetic counseling, prenatal diagnostic procedures and indicators for prenatal testing

Chapter 7: Newborn Screening
Screening methods, screening versus diagnostic testing, interpreting results, and carrier status

Chapter 8: Helping Youth Take Control STDs/STIs
Signs and symptoms of STI’s, modes of transmission and prevention, and the effects of STI’s on fertility, childbearing and birth outcomes

Chapter 9: STDs/STIs Medical Complications
Enhanced information regarding the medical complications of STI’s and graphic images of the symptoms

Chapter 10: Healthy Relationships
An overview of communication, friendships, dating relationships, and maintenance of those relationships. The dynamics of relationships may also have a direct application to positive birth outcomes, especially in terms of stress or abuse experienced by an expectant mother.