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Maltreatment and Adolescent
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Human Development and Family Studies,
Human Environmental Sciences Extension,
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The Missouri Children's
Trust Fund

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In 2000, the Missouri Children's Trust Fund awarded a grant to the Center on Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy and Parenting (CASPP),  within University of Missouri Outreach and Extension, to disseminate the MAPPP community awareness model to select Missouri counties. The 16 counties selected to receive the MAPPP workshops were ranked most at risk for probable cause of child abuse and neglect (Missouri Kids Count, 1999).

Missouri Counties:

Between January and March 2001,seven regional MAPPP workshops were conducted throughout the state. Where possible, a local medical and legal representative presented information and answered participants' questions regarding the medical and legal issues associated with pregnant and parenting adolescents. Pre and posttests, measuring the level of understanding of maltreatment and adolescent pregnancy and parenting, were given at each of the seven workshops.


1) The posttest results revealed that MAPPP participants had a better understanding of the issues related to maltreatment and adolescent pregnancy and parenting

2) With the focus on local needs, assets and challenges, MAPPP Counties outlined ideas for furthering community awareness about maltreatment and adolescent pregnancy.

Some examples of MAPPP county community awareness efforts are:

  • Town meeting to give MAPPP presentation
  • Community Conferences on MAPPP information
  • Community Forums on MAPPP and services in the community
  • Incorporating MAPPP information in existing community newsletters

Some examples of MAPPP county program implementation goals:

  • Resource Guides for at-risk adolescents and pregnant and parenting adolescents
  • Teen Mother Youth Philanthropy Board
  • Domestic Violence shelter accommodating pregnant/parenting adolescents
  • Placing stickers on public telephones with national abuse hotline numbers




For additional information, contact:

Kim Allen
Center on Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy and Parenting
State Specialist, University of MO Extension
1205 University Pl., Suite 1100
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: 573-884-0644
Fax: 573-884-4878
Email: allenki@missouri.edu


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