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Maltreatment and Adolescent
Pregnancy and Parenting Program

Human Development and Family Studies,
College of Human Environmental Sciences,
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Workshop Agenda

MAPPP spiral diagram

Day 1


  • MAPPP Project

NBC Dateline "Dark Journey" Video illustrates:

  • emotional, physical and cognitive difficulties suffered by abused adolescents
  • importance of considering alternative explanations for adolescent pregnancy
  • significance of mandated reporting and proper reactions to suspected child abuse

MAPPP Section 1: Maltreatment Prior to Adolescent Pregnancy

  • Research findings on previous sexual victimization of adolescent mothers
  • Responses to sexual abuse
  • Effects of sexual abuse on school behavior
  • Suggested links between sexual behavior and adolescent pregnancy
  • Unanswered research questions

MAPPP Section 2: Maltreatment During Adolescent Pregnancy

  • Research findings on abuse reports of pregnant adolescents
  • Window of opportunity for practitioners
  • Implications for medical, school and legal personnel
  • Unanswered research questions

MAPPP Section 3: Maltreatment of Children of Adolescent Mothers

  • Risk factors for maltreatment of children of adolescent mothers
  • Results of four studies conducted on children of adolescent mothers
  • Comparison of adolescent and older women as mothers
  • Unanswered research questions

Health Issues
Topics covered:

  • Low infant birthweight
  • Abuse effects on unborn children
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Nutrition during Pregnancy

Day 2

Legal Issues
Topics covered:

  • Emancipation
  • Informed Consent
  • Establishment of Paternity
  • Definition of child abuse
  • Orders of protection
  • Statutory Rape

Mind Mapping
Assists communities in:

  • Mapping the capacities and assets of individuals, groups and local institutions
  • Building relationships among local assets for mutually beneficial problem solving with community
  • Mobilizing the community's assets for program development and information sharing
  • Leveraging activities, investments and resources from outside the community to support asset-based, locally defined problem-solving

Goal Setting
Organizing a Community to Address Maltreatment Issues are discussed:

  • Identify the Need for Action
  • Create a Community Coalition
  • Create a Broader Community Awareness
  • Develop a Strategy for Prevention Action

For additional information, contact:

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