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Today's (journaling) has really helped me understand more about me and what I want in life and some of the steps I have to take to get there."

--- 19-year-old

The Adolescent Mother Journaling Program (AMJP) is an eight-session program to help young parents reduce stress through journaling and expressive art activities (drawing, scribbling, jewelry-making, photography, cartooning, etc.). The goal is to teach them strategies that can be used as alternatives to verbal and physical violence. Each session consists of a warm-up exercise, journaling, and optional sharing with the group.

Session 1: Self-definition

  • the importance of self-understanding to parent and child

  • Drawing, scribbling, journaling

Session 2: Self-examination

  • exploring one's strengths and weaknesses and the importance of children identifying their own qualities

  • Drawing, scribbling, journaling 

Session 3: Self as body, mind and soul

  • exploring the connections between body, mind and soul and the relationship to one's body

  • Drawing, scribbling, free-writing, dialoguing

Session 4: Self-interest

  • to understand one's inner soul and why it is important for children to be introspective

  • Unsent letters, cartooning, journaling

Session 5: Continuity

  • exploring the connection between one's past, present and future and why children need to have a sense of time

  • collage

Session 6: Agency

  • understanding how events shape lives and we shape events

  • Personal timeline

Session 7: Distinctiveness

  • to know and value one's own uniqueness and why it is important that children learn that they can male decisions

  • Polaroid photography, sidewalk chalk

Session 8: Review and reflection

  • repeat of Session 1 to evaluate one's growth and change

  • Jewelry-making


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