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The Missouri Crop Performance corn and soybean tests are available at your local Extension office for free.  When using the data, look at the sites across northern Missouri which represent different yield environments. Different yield environments provide an opportunity to see how a hybrid or variety will perform with different weather risks. Stop by your local Extension office and pick up your free copy. For more information, contact Wayne Flanary at 660-446-3724.

Agronomy Technical Bulletin

Estimating Corn and Soybean yields

Agronomy Newsletters

Late Harvest Tips (PDF) | MP3 11/1/19
Frost Damaged Soybeans (IPM Link) | MP3 10/18/19
Alfalfa Webworms (PDF) | MP3 8/9/19
Orange Gall Midge (PDF) | MP3 7/2/19
Japanese Beetles 2019 (PDF) | MP3 6/28/19
Storm Damaged Corn (PDF) | MP3 5/31/19
Summer Annual Forages (PDF) | MP3 5/16/19
Topdress Nitrogen (PDF) | MP3 5/3/19
April Agronomy Report (PDF) 4/30/19
March Agronomy Report (PDF) 3/31/19
Spring Pasture Renovation (PDF) | MP3 3/22/19
Spring Nitrogen MP3 3/8/19
SCN Meeting (PDF) | MP3 2/8/19
2019 Insects (PDF) 1/25/19
2019 Diseases MP3 1/10/19
New Pests for 2019 (PDF) 1/10/19

Herbicide Programs (PDF) | MP3 11/30/18
Fall Anhydrous (PDF) | MP3 11/16/18
Fall Herbicide (PDF) | MP3 11/2/18
Soybean Sprouting of Pods (PDF) | MP3 10/19/18
Cercospora Leaf Blight (PDF) | MP3 10/5/18
Spiny Amaranth (PDF) 9/14/18
Aflatoxins (PDF) | MP3 9/7/18
Herbicide Carryover (PDF) | MP3 8/24/18
Baling Soybeans-Fall Fertilizer (PDF) | MP3 8/8/18
Nitrates and Silage (PDF)| MP3 7/27/18
Japanese Beetles (PDF) 6/29/18
Early Soybean Flowering (PDF) 6/15/18
Fall Anhydrous Applications Carry Risks and Rewards (PDF) 12/6/17
Soil Tests Help with Fertilizer Decisions (PDF) 11/6/17
Cut-Leaved Teasel (PDF) 8/17/17
Pastures and Alfalfa-Fall Armyworms  (PDF) 8/8/17
Dicamba Damage: What to Know (PDF) 8/7/17
Farm Tour Focus on Dicamba (PDF) 8/6/17
Spider Mites in Soybeans (PDF) 7/31/17
Japanese Beetles (PDF) 6/23/17
Armyworm Injury (PDF) 6/6/17
Corn Stand Loss (PDF) 6/1/17
Wheat Field Stripe Rust (PDF) 4/11/17
Scout Crops Early Spring (PDF) 4/5/17
Plan for Options (PDF) 3/24/17
Knowing the Break (PDF) 2/10/2017
New Herbicide Products (PDF) 2/2/17
PPAT and Ag Updates (PDF) 2/1/2017