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Hay testing  MP3 | Text (PDF)  (8-16-14)

Health and Nutrition

Walking Safety Text(PDF) | MP3 (9/5/14)
Under Pressure to can Tomatoes?-Learn How Text(PDF) | MP3 (8/22/14)
Prevent Buckling Canning Lids Text (PDF) | MP3 (8/8/14)
Freezing-A Quick Solution Text (PDF) | MP3 (7/25/14)
Tomatoes-A Healthy Choice Text (PDF) | MP3 (7/11/14)
Green Up your Eating Plan Text (PDF) | MP3 (6/27/14)
Did You Know? Text (PDF) | MP3 (6/13/14)
Preparing For Canning Season Text ( PDF ) | MP3 (5/30/14)
G-R-E-A-T Grilling Text (PDF) | MP3 (5/16/14)
Making Your Own Baby Food Text (PDF) | MP3 (5/2/14)
Plant/Eat a Rainbow Text (PDF) | MP3 (4/18/14)
Flavor Food with Healthful Herbs Text (PDF) | MP3 (4/4/14)
Get Back to Basics Text (PDF)  (3/21/14)
Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right Text (PDF) | MP3  (3/7/14)
Make Time to Be Physically Active Text (PDF) | MP3 (2/21/14)
American Heart Association's Heart Check Text (PDF) | MP3 (2/7/14)
Stay Safe in the Cold Text (PDF) | MP3 (1/24/14
Discover New Tastes to Promote Bone Health Text (PDF) | MP3 ( 1/10/14)

Resolve to Stay Strong, Stay Healthy in 2014 Text (PDF) | MP3  (12/27/13)
'Twas the Holiday Season Text (PDF) | MP3  (12/13/13)
Dark Chocolate and Cocoa – Healthy Treat in Moderation   Text (PDF)MP3  (11/29/13)
Healthier Holiday Eating – Small Steps to Greater Success Text (PDF)MP3  (11/15/13)
A SMART Start to Finding Nutrition and Health Apps  Text (PDF)MP3  (11/1/13)
What Else to Do with Apples Text (PDF) | MP3 (10/18/13)
Which is Healthier? How to Make Wise Food Choices Text (PDF) | MP3  (10/4/13)
Can Your "Choice" Salsa Safely Text (PDF) | MP3  (9/20/13)
Eat Well for Arthritis Relief (PDF)  (9/6/13)
Preserving Tomatoes- Answers to Common Questions (PDF)  (8/30/13)
Make the Connection between Nutrition and Learning (PDF)  (8/8/13)
Beat the Heat when Exercising (PDF)   (7/26/2013)
Storing Fresh Produce Well (PDF) (7/12/2013)
Berries and Heart Health (PDF) (6/28/13)
Pressure Canning FAQ's and Off-hours Ask an Expert Sessions Scheduled (PDF) (6/14/13)
Walk While You Work -- Fitting Activity into a Busy Day (PDF) (5/31/13)
MU Extension Offering Food Preservation Classes (PDF) (5/17/13)
MU Extension Helps People Stay Strong, Stay Healthy (PDF) (5/3/13)
Understanding Probiotics (PDF) (4/19/13)
Garden, Grow, Preserve with University of Missouri Extension (PDF) (4/5/13)
Nutritional Supplements – Only to Help Fill the Gaps (PDF) (3/22/13)
Make Snacking Count (PDF) (3/8/13)
Organic Produce – is it the best choice? (PDF) (2/8/13)
Preventing the Spread of the Flu (PDF) (1/11/13)
Walking is the Best Medicine (PDF) (12/14/12)
Choosing a Good Oil (PDF) (11/30/12)
Making Jerky from Venison (PDF) (11/16/12)
Diverticulitis – what it is and how to live with it (PDF) (11/2/12)
Preparing Pumpkin and Squash (PDF) (10/19/12)
MU Extension Class Helps Build Stronger Muscles for Stronger Brain Power (PDF) (10/5/12)
Protein (PDF) (9/21/12)
Prevent Falls and Stay Independent Longer (PDF) (9/7/12)
Preserving Wild Fruit (PDF) (8/10/12)
Brain Food – Not Just Fish (PDF) (7/27/12)
Keep It Safe When Handling Food for Others (PDF) (7/13/12)
MU Extension Offering Food Preservation Classes (PDF) (6/15/12)
2012 Grilling Season Tips (PDF) (6/4/12)
Avoid Ticks, Avoid Disease (PDF) (5/18/12)
National Screen-Free Week Means Playing More, Watching Less (PDF)  (4/27/12)
Hunting Mushrooms – Who Needs a License and Who Doesn’t (PDF)  (4/20/12)
Test Pressure Canner Gauges to Can Safely – Sign up for MU Extension Food Preservation Classes (PDF)  (4/6/12)
Garner the Full Potential of Potassium (PDF)  (3/23/12)
Get Your Plate in Shape (PDF)  (3/9/12)
Tufts Releases MyPlate for Older Adults—Helpful Hints for Eating Well as We Age (PDF) (2/24/12)
Help your Loved Ones — Learn the Warning Signs for Heart Disease and Stroke (PDF) (2/10/12)
Tax Assistance Available at MU Extension Offices (PDF) (1/6/12)
Diabetes--Myths and Truths (PDF) (12/30/11)
Stay Strong, Stay Healthy in 2012 (PDF)  (12/16/11)
Give a Gift of Food (PDF)  (12/2/11)
Keep Kitchen Clean for a Healthier Holiday (PDF)  (11/18/11)
Causes of Arthritis and Options for Relief (PDF)  (11/4/11)
Keep Foods Save to Prevent Foodborne Illness (PDF) (10/21/11)
Live a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions (PDF) — Class to be Offered Oct. 13 - Nov. 17  (10/7/11)
Lists Help Produce Consumers Know How to Choose Wisely (PDF)  (9/23/11)
Matter of Balance Class Addresses Concerns about Falling (PDF) (9/9/11)
Harvesting/Purchasing Pears (PDF)  (8/26/11)
All Salts Are Not Created Equal But Have The Same Effect On Heart (PDF)  (8/12/11)
Canned Green Beans Require Temperatures Only Reached with Pressure (PDF) (7/22/11)
Preserving Produce—Great Resources Available for Safe Procedures (DOC) (7/15/11)
Preserving Herbs (PDF) (7/1/11)
Safe Meat Cooking Temperatures Lowered Fewer Numbers to Remember (PDF)  (6/17/11)
Filling MyPlate for a Healthy Eating Plan (PDF)  (6/3/11)
Looking Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg of Health (PDF)  (5/20/11)
"See Food” Diet versus Mindful Eating (PDF)  (5/6/11)
Food Preservation Series: Workshops from MU Extension (PDF)  (4/22/11)
Living a Healthy Life with a Chonic Condition Classes (PDF) (4/4/11)
Don't be Fooled by Fanciful Food Labels Read the Ingredients List (PDF) (3/26/11)
National Nutrition Month "Eat Right With Color!" (PDF) (3/11/11)
2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (PDF) (2/11/11)
Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin (PDF) (1/28/11)
Be Aware of Important Recalls (PDF) (1/14/11)