Resources and publications

Several of our popular publications covering different aspects of community news have been moved to book formats and are now available online.

Newswriting for the Non-Journalists

Learn the basics of news writing with this 40-page workbook designed to help community leaders or volunteers with media releases and media relations. Proceeds from this popular book benefit the Greene County Extension Center. News Writing Course for the Non-journalists.

Rules and Tips for Powerful Headlines

Nothing does more to draw a reader in to a news story or media release than a powerful headline. Learn the basic rules and tips for creating eye-catching yet accurate headlines. Purchase online

Media Basics for Community Leaders and Volunteers

A number of our popular media brochures have now been combined in to one publication that can be purchased online and downloaded as a PDF. "Media Basics for Community Leaders and Volunteers" includes the following sections and topics:

  • Writing a Media Release that Gets Used — The most important factors when writing a news release.
  • Putting Together a Proper Media Release — There are seven elements every media release should have.
  • Publicizing Your Special Event  — To publicize an event, first consider who you want to attend. How do you get them to come?
  • Press Conferences: When to Hold One and How to do it Right (or Not at All) — Few media events are as misunderstood press conferences. 
  • Writing with Style -- Understand the unique aspects of the journalism style.
  • Interviewing -- The keys to conducting quality interviews.
  • Photography 101 -- Basic suggestions that will improve your photography.
  • Letters to the Editor -- Suggestions for writing letters to the editor that get used.
  • Finding Bias in News -- Key things to watch for that reveal bias in news reporting.

Media Release Templates

Fill-in the blank documents and documents with explanation that make it easy to produce a quick media release about an upcoming event.

Event Announcement Template (DOC) (PDF)

Event Media Release with Explanation (Doc) (PDF)

New Extension Employee Template (DOC)

For Staff: What is "the news service"

Learn more about the Southwest Region News Service, your role as an Extension staff member or specialist, and how sending content to the news service can advance your career. SW Region News Service Presentation (PDF)

Who submitted what? Discover a complete list of headlines from the FY 2012-2013 year, including the names of media releases contacts and the author of the release. List sorted by contact | List sorted by author