Plans and reports

Reaching Out Report -- Official Monthly Newsletter (com/greenecoext)

This is the monthly newsletter of the Greene County Extension Council. It highlights the work being done in Greene County by local MU Extension specialists. You may request a copy of a specific past month of this publication by calling the office. To receive an email notice when the new monthly report is posted email

Council Meeting - Agenda Packet (pdf)

The County Council meets the last Monday of each month. The agenda is typcially posted a few days ahead of the meeting and this packet includes meeting minutes, financials and other information.

Serving on an Extension Council (pdf)

Learn what is required of Greene County Extension council members as well as a little about the role of our extension council.

Extension Council nomination form (pdf)

If you would be interested in running for an elected seat on the Greene County Extension Council please print out this form and complete it.

2017 Annual Report (com/greenecoext/docs/greenecounty2017_annual_report?e=8116762/57941452)

The annual report is the official document of the extension council outlining the financial situation and the impact of extension locally. Read it online or download the document as a PDF.

Tax-exempt Status Explanation and Forms (pdf)

The question of the tax status for Greene County Extension can be complex because of the three different organizational names as well as state laws and early IRS rules. This document provides an explanation and the necessary tax forms to understand the tax-exempt status of Greene County Extension.

Greene County Extension Brochure (pdf)

This tri-fold brochure offers a general overview of the programs and staff accessible through the MU Extension office in Greene County. This brochure was created by Spring 2014 intern Vicke Kepling.

Program Offerings for Employee Training in Greene (pdf)

If your business regularly offers programs for employees, either as part of ongoing professional development or as an employee incentive plan, these University of Missouri Extension specialists can offer affordable research-based educational programming.

Business Plan (pdf)

The Greene County Extension Council has developed a business plan that guides their operations in Greene County and helps with future planning.

Expert Guide (pdf)

A resource guide to the topics various MU Extension specialists in southwest Missouri can address. Use this guide to contact a specialist to meet your personal, community or media needs.

Greene County Extension Bylaws (pdf)

These bylaws provide the governing rules for the local extension council.

Sunshine Law Policy for County Extension Council – (pdf)

This document details the extension council's compliance with Missouri's open meetings and open records law.

Leaders Honor Roll (pdf)

A list of the individuals in Greene County who have been honored by the Greene County Extension Council with its annual "Leaders Honor Roll" award.

Marketing Plan for County Extension Councils (pdf)

This plan was specifically researched and written for Wright County but the principals and recommendations can be applied to all extension councils in southwest Missouri. This is a 40-page document.