Donating to Greene County Extension

Gifts from individual donors support MU Extension's educational programs in Greene County. Primarily, we receive cash donations by check or online with a credit card and the non-cash donation of vehicles.

Donate an Old Vehicle, Boat or Farm Equipment

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, boats, boat motors and farm equipment can be donated to the Greene County Extension Council. When contacting the local extension office with a donation be prepared to give the following: name, address and telephone for the owner and detailed information about the type of item being donated. If it is a vehicle we will need VIN, make, model, year, color and mileage. We will make arrangements for the item to be picked up (free towing). When the vehicle is picked up the owner must sign over the title. Our office will send you a receipt for the value of the vehicle based on what it sells for at auction. As of 2015 we have received and disposed of over 10 vehicle donations and all proceeds benefit Greene County Extension programs. | Email David Burton with donation details or call the office at (417) 881-8909.

Online Donations

You can now give to the various Greene County Extension funds online using a credit card.

Greene County Gift Fund -- A gift to this account provides monies to support local programming in the short-term.

Greene County Endowment Fund -- A gift to this account ensures long-term funding for local programming efforts. The Greene County Extension Council is building the endowment to support local programming for generations to come. 

Local Giving Form

Donors may make a gift by mail by printing and using this Giving Form (PDF). Become a member of "Friends of Greene County Extension" for one-year with a financial gift.

List of Local Donors

For updated numbers on what has been given to the “Friends of Greene County Extension” by your friends and neighbors, see our list of donors? Donors to Friends of Extension (PDF).

General Information

For general information, our "Friends of Greene County Extension" tri-fold brochure provides a great overview and a giving form. Friends brochure (PDF)

Finding a Friends Brochure

“Friends of Extension” campaign brochures are available at following Greene County Businesses.

Community Benefit of Extension

What impact does Extension make on Greene County? What types of general programs are available? This document attempts to answer those questions in a concise manner. Community Benefits of Greene County Extension (PDF)