Citizen Journalism Academy

The Citizen Journalism Academy helps adult volunteers gain knowledge and skills in writing, research and objective community journalism. With those skills, they are able to undertake efforts to improve and expand news reporting in their community, volunteer their skills to benefit non-profit organizations and aid news outlets in covering important community issues. An informational brochure is available. When a local sponsor for the program is found, a community orientation event is held. Citizen Journalism Academy (PDF)

Restore Public Trust in the News Media Forum

Good journalism is vital to a strong democracy, but surveys show Americans increasingly distrust the news media. The issue book that guides this forum, "News Media and Society: How to Restore the Public Trust, suggests three approaches to repairing the relationship between the news media and the American people. | News Media and Society survey

Democracy's Challenge: Reclaiming the Public's Role

This public issue forum encourages citizens to think about what they can do to strengthen the relationship a democracy demands between the government and its people. The issue book that is used is entitled, "Democracy's Challenge; Reclaiming the Public's Role." |  Democracy's Challenge survey