Contained on this page are local agriculture resources from MU Extension that pertain to Greene County.

Salute to Century Farms event a success

An educational evening to honor additions to the Century Farms list in Greene County was held Sept. 30 at the Round Barn event center between Willard and Ash Grove. Learn more about the evening, the funds that were raised for Greene County Extension, or access some of the handouts from the evening. Read about event | Article on honored Buckner Family | Presentation by Dave Baker (PDF)

Century Farms Needed

The search is on for Century Farms in Greene County (and beyond). Has your farm remained in the same family for over 100 years? Then your farm is eligible. Read more | Apply | List of Century Farms in Missouri (PDF)

Weed Control in Fields

Included here is the latest version of our local MU Extension pasture weed and brush control reference sheets. This publicaiton is put together by agronomy specialists in southwest Missouri: weed and brush control (PDF)

There are also two calibration guides. Page 1 (pdf) | Page 2 (pdf)

Intrusive and Noxious Weeds

Information about herbicide treatments is available online in this online publication. Another resource is the MU Extension Guide sheet G-4970, Plants Poisonous to Livestock. To learn more about poison hemlock, there is a story available on the Southwest Region News Service blog.

Branding Cattle and Preventing Cattle Theft

MU Extension Livestock Specialist says growing interest in branding giving rise to common questions. Get answers to your questions in this Q&A with Eldon Cole: Read story.

Chicks in the Classroom

The MU Extension Center in Greene County no longer offers 4-H incubators or 4-H curriculum focused on hatching chicks in the classroom. However, plans for building an incubator can be found at: University of Missouri Extension also has a useful guide sheet, “G8353, Incubation of Poultry,” which is available online

Help Raising Chickens

Raising Backyard chickens does require some basic knowledge and basic shelter. Read more

Agriculture News

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