If you would like to lead a county wide 4-H project, you will need to fill out a volunteer application and a County-Wide Project Form.        

Updated on September 26, 2014

 4-H members from any club can belong to county-wide projects.  To become a member of a county-wide project a member should follow these three steps:

  1. Contact the project leader to let him/her know that you want to join the project group.

  2. Contact your Club Leader and let him/her know that you have enrolled in the county-wide project.

  3. Contact the Franklin County University of Missouri Extension office to let us know so we can add the project to your enrollment.

A member can join a county-wide project even if they have already turned in their enrollment or re-enrollment form.  It just takes a few phone calls or e-mail messages.  Below are a few county-wide projects.  Check future newsletters and the Franklin County 4-H web page for additional projects.

Archery-Summit– Members will learn archery safety and skills.  Open to members 8 and older.  The group will meet twice a month on Monday evenings at Summit Archery in Gray Summit with a projected start date of early March, 2015.  The group is limited to 30 members.  There will be a $5 fee per member for each meeting (fee paid to Summit Archery).  Members are encouraged to purchase their own equipment, but can participate even if they do not have their own equipment (bow rental is $5).  Call Dan Tarpey at 636-405-2773 or 314-753-5085, or e-mail or Bob Frey at 636-405-2773 or 314-913-8500 email to join the group.

Archery- Ed Tyree and Nancy Tyree will lead an Archery project in at their home north of Sullivan. the meetings will begin in January or February. They can be reached at 573-468-6315 or 314-330-3692

Beef–John and Heidi Ridder will lead this project for members age 8-18.  The project is limited to 10 members.  Members will learn about carcass evaluation, grooming, showing, how to choose a steer, livestock judging, and nutrition.  Meetings are scheduled to begin in October and 6 meetings will be held.  The meeting location will change depending on the time of the year.  One adult from each family participating is expected to attend the meetings.

Bicycle, Breads, Cat Care, Communications, Foods, Food Science, Gardening, Hiking, International Foods, Photography will be led by Linda Becker will lead a group of up to 5 members in each projects.  Meetings will be held in her home on Clearview Road near Union.  She would like to start in September. Call Linda at 636-583-6659.

Cake Decorating — This group will have limited membership so call early. The group will meet 4 - 6 times in Washington beginning in March of 2014 to learn to decorate cakes. Call Vince Mueller at 636-239-5936 if you would like to join the group.  Members will be expected to purchase their own decorating tips.

Dog Project - Led by Eva and Tora Seals.  For members age 8-18.  Members must attend with a parent and their dog.  Members will learn to train their dog in manners, basic obedience, competition obedience, rally and agility.  There is a limit of 15 members in the project.  The project will begin in April and continue through August with a weekly meetings at the Sullivan Fair Grounds.  Costs involved include weekly travel to meetings, treats for training the dog, and all dogs must be current on their shots.  The dog must also have a collar and leash.  Contact Eva at 636-459-5419.

4-H Interstate Exchange — Led by Doris Koch. This is a great project for teens 13 and older (on Dec. 31, 2014) who like to travel and meet new people. The group will plan and participate in an Interstate Exchange with 4-H members from a partner county in another state. Members will help plan, and  will host this year.  This year we will host New Hampshire delegates. Members help raising funds to keep cost at $200 per member for years that we travel. Goal is to raise enough funds to keep cost at a minimum.  Contact Doris Koch at 636-239-6874 or 636-677-1703 Dave Hileman at or call 636-583-5141.

Hiking and Photography-Joanne Fennessey will lead a Hiking and Photography project with the meetings to be hewld at the Shaw Nature Garden. The meetings will be in the Fall, Winter and Spring and will meet once a month. They will hike while enjoying nature. There will be guest speakers. You may contact Joanne Fennessey at 314-960-0116 or

Horse- Linda Saunders will lead a county-wide horsemanship project. The project group will meet at the Union Saddle Club building.  Plans are to hold 15 meetings, many of which will be riding meetings. Meetings will be on Monday nights, with indoor meetings during February to May, and then riding meetings from May until September.  Parents will need to be present at weekly riding meetings held each Monday from May to September.  Members will learn horse judging, parts of the horse, breeds, western riding, showmanship, trail riding, basic health care and trailering safety. Families must provide their own horse and are responsible for getting the horse to the riding meetings. Call Linda at 636-239-5224 or e-mail at

Key Award -This project is designed to help 4-H members 14 and older meet the requirements to receive the 4-H Key Award.  Those interested will meet in November to learn more about the award and the requirements.  After that the group will meet three more times to check on progress and plan the next step toward qualification.  Contact Dave Hileman at or call 636-583-5141.

Knitting and/or Crochet - Maryellen Davis will lead a Knitting and Crochet Project to teach members 8 and older how to knit and/or crochet.  The project will begin in September and meet weekly in her home until the project is complete.  There is a limit of 7 members.  Call her at 636-583-8437 or e-mail

Knitting and Line Dancing—led by Dorothy Keence. She will hold her meetings at her home or in the park. Meetings will begin in October. Contact her at 636-583-7872 or 636-388-2304.

Quilting- Terry Luecke will lead a Quilting project to teach 4-H member how to mak a quilt top and how to piece a quilt block. Members will need a sewing machine and fabric for the quilt. Having it quilted will be their own responsibility and cost. Meetings will be held in Sullivan or Union. she would like to start in September. terry can be reached at 573-259-3475 or

Rabbits –Led by Heather Frey and Robbie Frey. This project is for member 8 and up. You do not need to have a rabbit to participate in this project.  Member will learn about the types of rabbits. How to care for rabbits, genetics and breeding.  Contact the Frey’s at 314-520-3700 or  The group will meet at the Meramec Middle School in Pacific and at the leaders home in the Catawissa area. The meetings will begin in October.

Shotgun — Led by certified instructor  Lee Kassebaum.. For members age 11 and older on December 31, 2014. Limited to 25 members. Project meetings will begin in May. Plans are to hold 7 or 8 meetings at the YESS Trap Range located across the river from Washington. Members must have their Hunter Safety Card. Participants must also provide their own shotgun, ear protection, ammunition and $3.00 per round for clay targets. Parents are encouraged to become certified so they can help. Call Lee Kassebaum at 573-459-6565 or 573-934-1927 (

Shotgun—Led by Mark Thurmond. This project is for members 10-18 years of age. It will begin in March 2015 and the meetings will be held in the Japan Mo area and at the Franklin County Trap Range in Stanton Mo. There is a limit of 10 in the project. You may contact him at 573-627-2167 or 573-205-3736.

Shotgun-led by Terry Meyer. This project is for members 12-18 years of age. It will begin in January in the New Haven area. He will accept 15 to 20 members in addition to those in the New Haven 4-H Club. He will hold 15-20 meetings at his house. He can be contacted at 636-359-1891

Shotgun-Led by Dennis Enke. This project is for members 11 and up. He will begin in fall or spring. The meetings will be held at the Franklin County FFA Farm in the St Clair area. Members will learn Shotgun safety, shotgun fundamentals and shooting. He can be reached at 314-808-8018 or email