Metropolitan food systems

Metropolitan food systems encompass all the processes, infrastructure, policy and community interaction involved in getting food to consumers’ tables in metropolitan settings.

  • Agricultural planning
  • Urban agricultural policy
  • Growing, harvesting and storing
  • Processing, manufacturing and packaging
  • Transporting, distributing and selling
  • Making knowledgeable food choices
  • Accessing and consuming
  • Disposing of food and agriculture waste
  • Community food, health and wellness programs
  • Municipal codes dealing with production and food access

City policies and resources

Urban Sustainability Directors in cities across the U.S. and Canada were surveyed in an effort to identify resources that can encourage and support urban agriculture in Missouri’s metropolitan areas. Results of the survey and a searchable database of city policies and resources are available from our urban agriculture policy page.

Three components of a metropolitan food system

Metropolitan food systems have been conceptualized as having three components ranging from production to consumption.

  • Agricultural production
  • Food distribution
  • Consumption and food literacy