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CAFO swine operation scenario

Type of operation
Heavenly Hogs, Inc. is a family owned and operated farrow-to-finish operation. The operation is defined as a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) with 1,200 sows. The owner of Heavenly Hogs, Inc does not own any farmland. Heavenly Hogs, Inc. supplies hogs on contract to Top Quality Pork, which is a national distributor of pork.

The farm owned by the Duroc Hampshire family is located at 8765 Hwy PP, Porcine MO 65065. The phone number is 573-872-4567. Hwy PP is a state maintained blacktop and the farm is located 5 miles east of Hwy 63 (main N/S connector in MO), and 20 miles S of I-70 (main E/W connector in MO). Heavenly Hogs, Inc. is two miles west of Porcine, which is a town of 414 people. The farm does not have large signs on the highways and is not well known outside of Porcine. There are several small hog producers within a six mile radius of Heavenly Hogs, Inc. and there is another CAFO type hog operation within 25 miles. There is a regional airport 10 miles away and an international airport 150 miles away. There is a river terminal 40 miles away and a railway terminal 20 miles away. There is a creek that runs through the property (approximately 150 yards from the grow-finish buildings). The owner lives near the property.

The farm is a single site operation located on 40 acres. There are 6 barns that house swine (gestation, farrowing and four wean-to-finish buildings). The farm does not have security cameras and there are no employees present at night. Motion detector lights have been installed on all of the barns.

The perimeter of the farm is controlled by a 3-1/2 foot woven wire fence with two strands of barbed wire along the top. The main entrance to the farm is on Hwy PP, and there is a second unmarked, limited access gate also on Hwy PP. This gate is locked except during loading/unloading of animals or equipment. The main gate on Hwy PP has a 12 feet-wide gate that does not lock.

The farm receives electric power from the local rural electric cooperative, and water is supplied via the local water district. Propane is used as the energy source for heating the facilities. There is one telephone at the facility it is located in the office of the farrowing building.

General storage
There is a tank for storage of gasoline nest to the equipment shed. There are chemical (pesticides, disinfectants, etc.) storage lockers in the equipment shed.

Size of operation
Heavenly Hogs, Inc. is a 1,200 sow farrow-to-finish operation. Sows farrow weekly and the operation averages a 40 percent replacement rate.

Hungry Hog Feed Company 9001 Hwy PP, Porcine, MO 65065 573-872-4672 supplies complete feed for the entire operation. The owner of Heavenly Hogs, Inc. is part owner of the Hungry Hog Feed Company, which supplies feed for other livestock operations in the area. Heavenly Hog, Inc. does not own any row crop land and purchases 100 percent of their grain from outside the company.

Animal health management
A consulting veterinarian is used and routine farm visits occur each month. All animals are vaccinated with animal health products purchased from a local distributor. All purchases are made through phone calls or on-line. Packages are delivered via a commercial carrier company to the office located in the farrowing building. All animal health products are stored in the farrowing building.

The sows are artificially inseminated (AI) using semen which is ordered via phone or internet from Hogs R Us, a breeding farm located at 356 Test Tube Road, Nitrogen MO 65789 314-742-3165. Semen is delivered to Heavenly Hogs via commercial carrier (Fed Ex or UPS). Employees perform the AI procedure, so outside personnel are not required. Computers are used to keep breeding records, keep track of supply deliveries and keep track of contract shipments.

Terminally sick or injured animals are routinely euthanized by trained employees with disposal of dead animals via composting.

Nutrient management
All buildings use a shallow flush gutter pit system that flows into a 10 acre lagoon which has a fence around the perimeter. The buildings are flushed several times a day. The farm has a cooperative agreement with neighbors to supply manure nutrients to their crops.

Replacement animals
Female replacements are purchased monthly from Pretty Pigs Inc. and housed in an isolation facility for 60 days. Pretty Pigs is a multiplier operation located at 1432 Hwy SS, Pigstown Illinois. After the 60 day isolation, the females are transferred to the gestation building on the Heavenly Hog, Inc facility. The isolation facility is located 15 miles from Heavenly Hogs, Inc.

Heavenly Hog, Inc. employs 4 full time people at the facility. Three full time employees are utilized in the breeding and farrowing operation and one employee is utilized for the wean-to-finish buildings. One of the full time employees travels back and forth from the main facility to the isolation facility caring for animals at both locations. Approximately five part-time employees is are used for loading of market weight pigs and on weekends (usually high school students) in addition some are used for power washing facilities between groups of pigs. No employees live on the farm, but all live within 15 miles of the operation. Employees are not allowed to raise or maintain any livestock at their homes. The owner of Heavenly Hog, Inc. checks references on prospective employees during the screening process. The screening process does not include a criminal background check, a credit check or clearance through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Visitor policy
Shower in/Shower out policy with 48 hour down time from animal exposure for all visitors. Visitors are supervised but a visitor log is not maintained.