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These materials are provided through a grant entitled Food Defense: An Integrated Education System. Funding for the grant was provided by; United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Integrated Food Safety Initiative (NIFSI) 111.E.

The goals of this grant are:

  • Develop Food Defense teaching modules for existing undergraduate courses in a University setting. These courses extend to a variety of areas within the food supply chain.
  • Develop a training program for extension and other agricultural educators who will need to assist clients with developing food defense plans.
  • Develop a web based information portal for use by Missouri food and farming industry operators that provides an overview of food defense plans, describes steps in creating a plan, provides generic food defense plan templates and functions as a resource for those needing to create a plan.

The materials are free for all to use and users are welcome to modify them to meet their particular demands. We ask that you acknowledge the grant (University of Missouri Extension) and the funding source (USDA NIFSI) if you use these materials.