Extension councils

Module 3
Recruiting Candidates for Effective County Councils

In accordance with the Revised Statutes of Missouri, county extension councils are comprised of elected and appointed members, who represent the broad educational needs and backgrounds of people residing in the county. Any citizen who is of voting age may be nominated for the office of county extension council member. This module will help county extension councils

  • comply with state statutes regarding the membership eligibility and the election process
  • identify potential candidates to be nominated
  • develop a consistent message when talking with potential candidates

Module 4, Mastering the Nuts and Bolts of Council Elections, provides information on conducting annual council membership elections.

Video: Council Advanced Leadership Program: How you can Stay Involved!

County Council Recruitment and Nomination Brochure (revised 2007)
Download .pub: An Invitation for You to Participate: University of Missouri Extension council members make a positive difference in our communities (MS Publisher file)

Curriculum Contents

  1. Recruiting Candidates for Effective County Councils (Council Handout) - Explains state statutes and offers strategies for recruiting candidates with diverse backgrounds.
  1. Timeline for County Extension Council Recruitment and Elections - A guide to meeting deadlines and other statutory requirements
  1. Council Candidate Worksheet - Helps extension councils identify affiliations and skills of potential candidates.
  1. Talking Points for Recruiting Effective Council Members - Outlines key messages to share with potential council members.
  1. News Release Template - Formatted Word file that serves as a basis for developing a local news release on council candidate recruitment. Word file
  1. Be an Educational Leader - Customizable promotional flyer for recruiting candidates. Download .ppt  (Requires MS Publisher)
  1. Consent to Be Nominated - Optional form to verify nominees' approval to include name on ballot. Download .doc
  1. Trainer Notes and Council Activity - Hands-on activity to identify potential candidates for the council. Includes are tips for presenters and a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes.

Additional Resources

Download Module

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Curriculum package (.pdf) 
includes handout, timeline, talking points, news release, trainer notes, activity instructions and worksheet

News Release (.doc)

Consent to Be Nominated Form (.doc)

Council Candidate Worksheet:  download .doc or download .pdf

PowerPoint presentation (.ppt)
To print Speaker Notes, select "Notes Pages" under "Print What:" in print menu.



Tony DeLong
County Council Coordinator
E-mail: DeLongT@missouri.edu
Phone: 573-882-4592