Stay involved

Extension still needs you. Your experience is invaluable to us. Stay engaged with issues important to your community and advocate for MU Extension.

10 easy ways to stay involved

  1. Recruit and nominate future members.
  2. Mentor and educate new members.
  3. Volunteer for special events and projects.
  4. Provide feedback from the community to the council.
  5. Share how extension contributes to the community.
  6. Support extension fundraising efforts.
  7. Contribute to local programming.
  8. Serve on a subcommittee.
  9. Become an extension ambassador.
  10. Donate to your favorite extension program.

How will you continue to serve?

Talk to the council, extension council coordinator or your program director to discuss how you can contribute.

Complete the recruitment form (PDF) for staying involved and email to