Stakeholder relations

County, regional and state extension council members often serve as the interface between MU Extension and elected representatives in local and state government.  Council members have many opportunities to be key communicators and advocates for the valuable programs and work that extension does in communities across the state. Following are guides and training materials to help council members be more effective representatives and communicators.

See the MU Extension Stakeholder Relations section for an overview principles and roles, and tools for communicating with stakeholders.  (This page will open in a new window, as it takes you to a different part of the MU Extension website.)

Tools for council members

Pass-along cards

  Agriculture card (DOC)
  Business Development card (DOC)
  Nutrition card (DOC)
  Youth card (DOC)
  Community Development card (DOC)
  Fireschool card (DOC)
  Back for all cards (DOC)
  Instructions for production of cards (DOC)

Council leadership training module

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