Prioritizing who to ask and why

Four pillars of development work

  • Compelling case for support
  • Leadership within and outside the organization
  • Prospects
  • Plan and budget

Four roles for volunteers

  • Donor (absolutely necessary)
  • Adviser
  • Advocate
  • Fundraiser


Who to ask

Additional thoughts

  • Five to 10 people will make or break a campaign.
  • Promote a vision — about how contributions will make a difference for people in the county. If the approach is only about money, it will not be as effective.
  • Your gift makes tomorrow better, starting today.
  • You only understand the true power of education as you give it away to others.
  • It is not about the money. It’s about what the money can do.
  • Use your organization’s annual report to show what has been accomplished in the past year.
  • Most places still get a majority of funds through direct mail — especially from more mature givers. Online giving is the fastest growing means of giving.
  • "A great flame follows a little spark" — Dante. Here’s a match to get it started (if you have some matching funds).