University of Missouri Extension Partnership and Stakeholder Development

Creating synergy of ideas, resources and groups dedicated to addressing the needs of our state

The Partnership and Stakeholder Development efforts within MU Extension cultivates and sustains relationships with key stakeholders of the University of Missouri and MU Extension. We build understanding of extension’s land-grant mission, to disseminate the knowledge and research of MU to all Missourians through practical, research-based programming that improves people’s lives while impacting businesses and communities. We facilitate the formation of partnerships, internal and external, that bring groups together to address issues facing Missourians. We work closely with elected officials on the local, state and national levels to demonstrate the value of the UM System, MU and extension. We are charged with identifying, tracking and promoting the various touch points which the university already has across the state and actively engaging with partners and stakeholders across the state who have the collective power to affect great change for Missouri. Together, we are committed to helping the university impact its state and fulfill its land-grant mission.

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Tracy Feller, director of Partnership and Stakeholder Development

Tracy will be taking on a more hands-on role with regard to the “and engagement” part of extension. As director of Partnership and Stakeholder Development, she will work along-side Dr. Marshall Stewart, vice chancellor for extension and engagement, to cultivate partnerships and build bridges of engagement and support for MU Extension and the University of Missouri. Partnerships with organizations, associations and other universities will help MU Extension to be ideally positioned to have the greatest impact on our state.nShe will be helping to facilitate new MOU’S and MOA’s with other key groups and colleges in our state. Tracy will continue to facilitate CARET, PILD, Farm Family Day, extension’s portion of the UM System Legislative Day and other partner-related events and meetings as assigned.

Mark Stewart, director of Off-Campus Operations

A veteran with MU Extension, and former interim associate vice chancellor for extension and engagement, Mark Stewart transitioned March 1 to MU Extension’s director of off-campus operations. In addition to working closely with regional directors (RDs) and addressing field-operations issues, he will be working with the state extension council. Mark will be supporting the RDs in their work with the regional council and will be the campus contact which RDs turn to if they need assistance answering county council or CPD questions. He is the person RDs can come to in sorting out complex situations that arise with volunteers, field faculty, staff and commissioners. By hearing about county budget and other problems early on, he can work with stakeholder development and the administrative team to get in front of situations. Mark will also be working with the training team to roll out more comprehensive council training. Mark reports to the vice chancellor for extension and engagement.