Extension councils

Module 1
Orientation for New Council Members

Revised in 2007

The mission of University of Missouri Extension is to: improve Missourians' lives by addressing their highest priorities through the application of research-based knowledge and resources. As an integral part of the land-grant mission, University of Missouri Extension is a joint venture of University of Missouri campuses; Lincoln University Cooperative Extension; the people of Missouri through county extension councils: National Institute for Food and Agriculture of the U.S. Department of Agriculture; and other stakeholders and partners.

As a county extension council member, you play a vital role in meeting these educational needs. County extension councils are statutorily created to work with the University in carrying out the local extension program (Sections 262:550 to 262:620, Revised Statutes of Missouri). This module will assist new council members in understanding:

  • Their role as a county extension council member
  • The county extension council's relationship with the university.

Curriculum Contents

  1. Orientation for New Council Members (Council handout) - An introduction to serving on county extension councils and to University of Missouri Extension's mission and organization.

  1. Revised Missouri Statutes - Sections 262:550 to 262:620 outline the extension council's legal responsibilities.

  1. The Sunshine Law: Missouri's Open Meetings and Records Law (Sections 610.010 to 610.028) - As statutorily created entities, county extension councils are subject to the provisions of the state's Open Meetings and Records Law. This document summarizes key points.

  1. Acronyms - Glossary of MU Extension acronyms

  1. Brief History of Missouri Extension - Overview of the origins of Missouri's statewide extension service.

  1. Trainer Notes and Council Activity - Hands-on activity to introduce new members to the extension council and its operations. Includes tips for presenters,  a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes, and a set of icebreakers and warm-up activities to help members get acquainted and build trust.

Download Module

Part 1: Module (PDF)
includes handout, statutes, Sunshine Law, acronyms, history

Part 2:Training (PDF)
includes trainer notes, activity instructions, icebreakers

PowerPoint presentation (PPT) — updated 3/19/2014
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Tony DeLong
County Council Coordinator
E-mail: DeLongT@missouri.edu
Phone: 573-882-4592