Extension councils

Record-keeping tools

Extension councils are responsible for....

Membership Reporting

State statutes (Section 262.603) require county extension councils to provide the names of council members and officers to the University of Missouri and to the county commission.

  • Council information system instructions
     Membership maintenance
        - (not available yet)
  • Login screen (use um-users\youruserid and your e-mail password)
  • Publishing Permission Form
    In accordance with University policy, council members must grant permission for their telephone number and e-mail address to be published on county extension sites. This form may be placed on county letterhead. A copy should be kept on file with the council records.   Permission form (DOC)  
  • Need help? Paula Hudson hudsonp@missouri.edu is the technical contact person for the online council membership application. If you cannot login, contact her.

Membership Cards

Two Word files, based on Avery business card templates, are available for creating membership cards for county extension councils.

Council Secretary Record Book Forms

Certificate of Appreciation

2014 certificate of appreciation (PDF)

When the certificate opens, click in the highlighted area to enter your county office name, the name of the person receiving the certificate and the date the certificate is presented.  Spell out the date. For example: February 2, 2014

You can print the certificate, but you cannot save it. Certificates should be printed on high-quality paper stock — white or ivory colored stock is best. Please do not use other colors of paper stock — we are given permission to use the University of Missouri columns and name, providing that we follow appropriate printing guidelines. 

If you have any questions, please contact Darlene Beaman, beamand@missouri.edu


Tony DeLong
County Council Coordinator
E-mail: DeLongT@missouri.edu
Phone: 573-882-4592