IMPACT Leaflet No. 1a

Utilizing Member Resources

Number of people:       All members of the extension council
Minimum time:             30 minutes
Materials:                     Member resource checklist
Setting:                        Any


To gather information on the skills and experiences, interests and expectations of each council member. If all responses are compiled on a quick reference sheet, it allows an overview of what kinds of resources exist. That information can be shared easily with all members.


The questions in this checklist can be used either formally or informally to inventory council resources.

1. Formally: Ask each member to fill out a questionnaire. Encourage them to be specific.

2. Informally: Ask one person to poll or interview members using the statements as an outline.



1. I want the goals of the extension council to be:


2. I wanted to serve on the extension council so that the following would happen (be realistically idealistic):


3. In order for this to happen, I think the council should:


4. I will probably lose interest in the council if:


5. I have the following skills that I could share with the council:


6. I have the following interests that I would like to explore with the council:


7. I have access to the following people, who would be helpful to the council:


8. I have had the following experiences that I feel would be beneficial to the council: