Extension councils

Council Manual Section 11:
Regional Staff

Each Regional Director's office maintains a staffing roster for their respective region.  Some Regional Directors have placed regional information on the world wide web (refer to http://extension.missouri.edu/directory/Places.aspx  ).   You can also obtain a list of the county staff from the aforementioned site. 

Below is a fictitious sample of what type of information may be found on a region's staffing roster.

Region Specialists

Applelet County
23 N. Colorado
Anywhere, Mo. 64630
(660) 111-1111
Fax: (660) 111-1112
Phill Leker, CPD/Agronomy Specialist       lekerp@???????.???
Mary Philips, Human Environmental Sciences Specialist   philipsm@???????.???
Laura Johnson, 4-H Youth Specialist       johnsonl@???????.???
Sherri Dreyer, Secretary     dreyers@???????.???
Bass County
302 Seymour
Truman, Mo. 64664
(816) 222-2222
Fax: (816) 222-2223
Karl Sanders, CPD/Livestock Specialist     sandersk@???????.???
David Meyer, 4-H Youth Specialist Specialist     meyerd@???????.???
Teri Lewis, Secretary/Bookkeeper  lewist@???????.???
Chattay  County
48 Smithton Street
Dreyfus, Mo. 64111
(816) 333-3333
Fax: (816) 333-3334
Ferris Feeler, CPD/Business and Industry Specialist    feelerf@???????.???
Lucy Kramer, Nutrition Specialist     kramerl@???????.???
Bob Markey, 4-H Youth Specialist    markeyb@???????.???
Sara Beemer, Education Assistant, FNEP   beemers@???????.???
Harriett Mayber, Secretary    mayberh@???????.???

Ferry County
P.O. Box 1443
Sinteau, Mo. 64333
(660) 444-4444
Fax: (660) 444-4445
Liza Keltz, CPD/Human Development Specialist     keltzl@???????.???
Mickey Miller, 4-H Youth Specialist    millerm@???????.???
Sandra Vee, Agronomy Specialist      vees@???????.???
Lina Taylor, Secretary/Bookkeeper   taylorl@???????.???





Tony DeLong
County Council Coordinator
E-mail: DeLongT@missouri.edu
Phone: 573-882-4592