Council leadership training

Leadership training for new council members supports the primary functions of county extension councils:

  • Educational program development and implementation
  • Governance
  • Membership

Training modules

Module 1: Orientation for new council members
An introduction to serving on county extension councils and to University of Missouri Extension's mission and organization

Module 2: Be an effective county council member
An overview of the characteristics and skills required to meet the statutory responsibilities of serving on the County Extension Council.

Module 3: Recruiting candidates for effective county councils
A how-to guide on meeting statutory obligations and developing a diverse, representative county extension council.

Module 4: Extension Council Youth Leadership

Provides seven topics to help county councils add youths (14 to 17 years) to their councils..

Module 5: County council elections
A comprehensive summary of conducting annual election in accordance with state statutes and providing opportunity for participation.

Module 6: County budgets and fiscal reports
An outline of state statutes governing the county extension council's fiscal obligations, as well as fiscal management and reporting requirements.

Module 7: Program development
Three modules exploring how the council participates in setting priorities, program implementation, and evaluating programs and reporting outcomes.

MU for You presentations

MU for You other presentations

Understanding data at the local level (PDF)
   Pat Curry & Sarah Low, ExCEED

Efforts to Enhance Rural Health Care (PPTX)
   Kathleen Quinn, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Rural Health, MU School of Medicine

Tigers for Troops, Providing Assistance to Missouri Veterans (PPTX)
   The Veterans' Clinic, University of Missouri

Partnering with Local Schools to Reach Youth Audiences (PPTX)
   Mike White, Northwest School District, Jefferson County, Missouri

Inclusive decision making (PDF)
  Letitia Johnson, CES, Boone County; Dwayne James, CES, St. Louis county

Engaging Stakeholders (PPTX)
   Stephanie Willis, Assistant Director, UM System Government Relations

eMINTS: Professional Development for K-12 Teachers  
   Christie Terry, director and Michelle Kendrick, program coordinator of eMINTS