County annual report guidelines

The Missouri state statutes require every county extension council to produce an annual report:

"At the close of each calendar year the council, through its secretary, shall make an annual detailed report to the county court, covering all receipts and expenditures, together with a summary of work undertaken and results accomplished. The report shall be filed with the county court not later than February first, following the close of the year or portion of year covered by the report."

Annual reports should demonstrate how local residents have benefited from extension educational programs. Reports may include client testimonials, evaluation results, newspaper clippings and statistical data supporting the objectives of the local extension program, accomplishments and outcomes.

The county annual report, if prepared with the thought of distribution to a wider audience than the county commission, can be a good marketing and public relations tool.

Public value statements in annual reports
The Public Value self-directed work group (SDWG) invites Extension field faculty and staff to use the attached timed PowerPoint to refresh memories on why we do annual reports, how they can be an important tool for communicating with stakeholders, what to emphasize in annual reports, formatting tips and how to incorporate public value language that can give University Extension a competitive edge.
PowerPoint presentation: Refresh Your Memory: Public value statements in annual reports (PPSX) — published December 2011

Top 10 friendly reminders of how annual reports can be even more effective and useful
2012 Annual Reports (DOC)

More tools: MU Extension Public Value page

Guidelines and checklist for preparing the county annual report (PDF)

Template for county annual reports (DOCX) — revised December 2018
The December 2018 Word template enables you to place a state map that highlights your county on the front cover of the report. You can download the map for your county from our Box account. (You will need to use your MU Pawprint to log in to Box.)

Instructions for posting the county annual report on the county office website


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