IMPACT Leaflet No. 12b

What is a "Good" Extension Council Member?

If you could describe a "good" extension council member, you might list the following characteristics as being among the most important. Not everyone, of course, has all of them to the same degree, but they are all important to the job you are being asked to do.

  • Vision-ability to envision the future, to understand the long-term effects of decisions, and to subordinate individual interests for the good of the community.
  • Knowledge-thorough knowledge of the county.
  • An Open Mind-ability to carefully weight the pros and cons of an argument before reaching a decision.
  • Self-Assurance-deliberateness in decision-making not influenced by strong or vocal factions within the organization.
  • Enthusiasm-genuine interest in and enthusiasm about the goals of the organization and ability to communicate that interest and enthusiasm to others.