Impact Leaflet No. 12a

What is a "Good" Extension Council?

Charles St. Clair, Community Development Specialist

There are a variety of ways to define what a "good" extension council might be, following are some characteristics.

  • Has a clear written statement of its purposes and understands those purposes as a result of discussion.
  • Believes in, respects and practices democratic values.
  • Has a responsible leader who guides the council in its deliberations.
  • Has a staff person who acts as advisor and information source.
  • Has elected members who are qualified and genuinely interested in serving.
  • Carefully plans the work to be accomplished.
  • Works through its tasks one step at a time.
  • Has a sense of priorities and timing.
  • Works as a team rather than as individuals.
  • Has compatible members who participate actively in deliberations and discussions.
  • Keeps a written agenda, minutes of meetings and other necessary records.
  • Evaluates itself regularly.
  • Provides an enjoyable and productive experience for its members.
  • Is open to new ideas and opportunities.
  • Reflects the diversity of the citizens of the county.