Extension councils

Impact leaflets

This series of IMPACT leaflets was developed to provide information and assistance to councils.  The IMPACT leaflets are included as part of The Council Manual.  Additionally, the leaflets were used in the creation of two reference manuals, Quality Meetings and Knowledge Working for Missourians.

1. Successful Meetings

1a. Utilizing Member Resources

2. The Agenda

2a. Extension Council Annual Calendar

2b. Agenda Planning Guide

3. Delegation (or How to Keep Members Involved)

4. Organizing Committees

5. Working with Committees

5a. Brainstorming

5b. Nominal Group Technique

5c. Quick Discussion Technique

5d. Brain Drain

5e. Committee Task Sheet

5f. Committee Report Form

6. Extension Council Committees

6a. Extension Council Committee Appointments

7. Funding A County Extension Program

8. Building the Extension Council

8a. The Council Membership Analysis Matrix

9. The History and Philosophy of Extension

10. The Organization of Extension

10a. USDA Cooperative Extension System

10b. University of Missouri Extension

11. University of Missouri Extension Roles and Responsibilities

12. Duties of Council Members

12a. What is a "Good" Extension Council?

12b. What is a "Good" Extension Council Member?


Quality Meetings:  The reference manual for Quality Meetings is comprised of Development Leaflets 1 though 8 and a videotape entitled "Madison County; A profile of One Extension Council," length is 9 minutes, 16 seconds.  Each county Extension office should have one copy of the videotape.

Knowledge Working for Missourians:  The reference manual for Knowledge Working for Missourians is comprised of all of the Development Leaflets and a videotape entitled "Knowledge Working for Missourians," length  is14 minutes, 26 seconds.  Each county Extension office should have one copy of the videotape.



Tony DeLong
County Council Coordinator
E-mail: DeLongT@missouri.edu
Phone: 573-882-4592