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Suggested resources

A Guide to Community-Based Planning (PDF)

Attraction Strategies Recruiting the Right Things (PDF)

Bridging the Urban Rural Divide (PDF)

Clusters and Competitiveness (PDF)

Eight Principles for Rural Governance (PDF)

Energizing Youth Entrepreneurs (PDF)

Entrepreneurship in North Central Region (PDF)

Getting Your Community Ready for Economic Development (PDF)

Growing Entrepreneurs From The Ground Up (PDF)

Harvesting Agricultural Rewards by ACEnet (PDF)

Innovative Approaches to Entrepreneurial Development (PDF)

New Rural Paradigm (PDF)

Past Silos and Smokestacks (PDF)

Revitalizing Rural Economies (PDF)

Role of Small and Large Business in Economic Development (PDF)

Unlocking Rural Competitiveness (PDF)

Vision to Action, Take Charge Too! (PDF)

Why Rural Communities Prosper (PDF)

Youth Attraction as Economic Development Strategy (PDF)

Youth Entrepreneurship Kellogg Foundation (PDF)

Suggested links to helpful guides

MU Extension's Missouri Business Development Program

Missouri Business Portal

BRIDG (Business Research and Information Development Group — Entrepreneurial reports

Kauffman Foundation — Research-based entrepreneur assistance

Entrepreneurship in Missouri — Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC)

MU Extension Youth Enterprisers Program / 4-H Center for Youth Development

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor — International research data on entrepreneurial activity

Heartland Center for Rural Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development

Hometown Competitiveness — Comprehensive approach to long-term rural community sustainability

The Center for Rural Affairs

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship

Missouri Rural Development Partners

Missouri Community Betterment (MCB)

Missouri Department of Economic Development — Business and Community Service

University of Missouri Extension OSEDA — Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis

Missouri Community Policy Analysis Center (CPAC)

Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI)

University of Missouri Community Development Program

National Bureau of Economic Research

DED - MERIC Retail Trade Analysis Reports

Southern Rural Development Center

Preservation Nation

Stronger Economies Together (SET) is a community development program initiated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development in partnership with the nation’s Regional Rural Development Centers and land-gran university partners. The purpose of SET is to encourage communities and counties in rural America to collaborate on a multi-county basis to strengthen regional economies based on current and emerging economic strengths of their region.  


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