Green Hills Heritage Highway (SET V)


Green Hills Heritage Highway was accepted as part of SET V in August 2015.  A variety of artisans, history, culture, craftsmen and local grower’s exist in the region of Green Hills Heritage Highway. During the fifth iteration of SET, ExCEED's state resource teams provided data and community-based education to a group of citizens, community leaders, local governmental and non-governmental professionals invested in working together on a regional approach with potential to attract new business opportunities to their various venues. The group outlined a comprehensive vision for a branded/vital Green Hills Heritage Route to showcase the rich historical, religious, and cultural base that exists in Daviess, Grundy, and Sullivan County. 

Multiple artisans, craftspeople, tradesmen, and local food growers united an existing economy into a regional “package” that can be branded and marketed to increase commerce and tourism along the Green Hills Heritage Highway.  Ultimately, it is the expectation that the identification, inventory, branding, and promotion of the offerings along this Heritage Highway will position businesses and communities along the route to capitalize on the emerging economy and opportunities that will materialize within the next decade with the completion of the East Locust Creek Reservoir project.


A regional approach resonates in rural Missouri counties of Daviess, Grundy and Sullivan


Key regional stakeholders embraced a spirit of regionalism to develop and support this initiative.The counties of Daviess, Grundy and Sullivan have, for decades, been economically connected through agriculture, food manufacturing and tourism. The communities’ location along Highway 6, connects them to Interstate I-35 is remains the underlying cause for this economic region to exist; however, stakeholders from all counties affirmed the importance of strengthening the ability of the Green Hills Heritage Highway through multiple strategic goals, affording this region the opportunity to secure its economic future as a competitive region.