Missouri Emerald Ash Borer Program | Don't spread pests. Burn firewood where you get it!

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Missouri’s response

When EAB was first discovered in Missouri in July 2008, the state was prepared to deal with the infestation. Due to Missouri’s close proximity to other infested states and the way EAB easily spreads (infested nursery stock, firewood) state officials had an action plan in place.

The EAB is a serious pest that threatens the health of all ash tree species in the state. With an estimated 3 percent ash trees at risk in Missouri woods--and another 14 percent to 30 percent in cities and towns--the state is committed to early detection and thoughtful management of this pest.

Some of the most important steps Missouri is taking regarding EAB include:

  • Raising citizen awareness
  • Instituting quarantines of counties where EAB has been detected, restricting the movement of firewood and ash tree materials that could potentially carry EAB into new locations.
  • Monitoring for evidence of the insect through statewide surveys (visual and purple panel traps) and the SLow Ash Mortality Project (SLAM)

The potential impact of EAB on forest biodiversity, wildlife habitats, quality of riparian areas, ash resources, and urban living will be profound if/when this pest become widely established in the state.